Debby’s Former Patient

Debby Cantlon with Pavo – the squirrel. “Finnegan Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Seattle Washington” (Photo: MatthewsTurn) Debby Cantlon with Pavo – the squirrel. “Finnegan Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Seattle Washington” (Photo: MatthewsTurn)

Please watch these videos presenting the harrowing story of the Pavo’s great-grandmother – Little Daughter

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          It was April 5, 2013, Freeway Park, Seattle, Washington state.  I arrived at the park, saw one squirrel running.  My heart sank.  The horrid déjà vu from two years earlier struck me like lighting.  The squirrel was running clumsily, his legs abnormally heavy.  I thought immediately that he had acquired the same malady that his great-grandmother, my beloved Little Daughter died of, almost two years earlier at the same park.  I resolved not to repeat the same unforgivable mistake I made then of having not sought veterinary assistance for her.  I kept watching the squirrel – his name was Pavo – for more symptoms.  He was disoriented, tiring fast, acting unnaturally.  I called Debby to ask her advice.  She told me to bring Pavo as soon as possible to her.  The next day he didn’t show up at the park.  Two days later I arrived at the park with my relocation trap.  After four-hour long, numerous, nerve-racking attempts I finally had him at 6:50 PM in my trap.  I transported him to Debby.  The photographs above were taken at 8:17 PM just after my arrival at the Finnegan Center.  The next day Debby let me know her diagnosis:  Pavo had bladder infection and parasites.  She told me that without treatment the squirrel would die within weeks.  Squirrels are known to have a low resistance to infections. Debby treated him with medication and on the 5-th day, after giving him final exam making sure he got well totally, released him.  He sprinted away like an athlete and climbed the nearby, large pine tree. It happened to be the same tree that his famous predecessor – Finnegan, made home in. Debby told me she couldn’t keep him any longer captive as he was exploding with energy.  Pavo built himself a den in that tree and comes regularly – to Debby’s delight – to her deck for nuts.  


          At last a success story thanks to Debby!


          Pavo left behind at the Freeway Park his brother, sister and mother.  I don’t have to say that I cannot stop worrying about their well-being and life considering that park proved to be murderous to countless squirrels.